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Potassium is second only to nitrogen in the quantity required by plants for healthy growth, but Australian agriculture has traditionally relied on the native soil resource of potassium. Increasing incidences of costly potassium deficiencies coupled with the need to fertilise responsibly to avoid environmental and animal health consequences demonstrate that we need a better understanding of K dynamics in soils, plants and animals in our agricultural systems. In 1997 the sucessful First Workshop on Potassium in Australian Agriculture was held in Geraldton, WA and highlighted the research community’s understanding of K nutrition in Australian agricultural conditions at the time. Since then, further research has improved our understanding, identified deficiencies in new crops and regions and also highlighted what work yet needs to be done.

POTOZ‘05, the Second Workshop on Potassium in Australian Agriculture will allow the research community to exchange new findings, determine future priorities and identify opportunities for future collaboration and funding. With several overseas guests, it will also be an opportunity to learn from the experiences of researchers in other countries. This one day workshop is essential for those working towards improved nutrition of crops and pastures in Australia.

where & when?

POTOZ’05 is a one day workshop followed by a dinner and will be held on Tuesday 15th November 2005 in Melbourne at the Brighton Savoy [150 The Esplanade, Brighton, Victoria].







Matt Albrecht, Canpotex Ltd




Review: what we knew in 1997

Jonnie White, Canpotex / Agrow Australia



Keynote Presentation 1

Potassium - the North American Great Plains experience

Adrian Johnston, Potash and Phosphate Institute

Keynote Presentation 2

New directions in potassium research

Sylvie Brouder, Purdue University







Session 1: Pastures

Potassium fertiliser use in New Zealand pastoral agriculture

Allan Gillingham and Jeff Morton, fmly AgResearch, NZ

Pasture potassium responses in Australia: output from the Better Fertiliser Decisions project

Cameron Gourley, Victorian Dept Primary Industries

Improving bone health to optimise calcium metabolism at calving in dairy cows - the role of dietary potassium

Marie Banugopan, University of Sydney

Developing a grass tetany risk management tool

Jonnie White, Canpotex / Agrow Australia

Open forum discussion

Session 2: Cropping

Increasing applications of potassium fertiliser to barley grown on deficient sandy soils increased grain yields while decreasing some foliar diseases

Ross Brennan, WA Dept of Agriculture

Genotypes of wheat, barley and canola differ in efficiency of potassium uptake and utilisation

Zed Rengel, University of Western Australia

Agronomic response to declining potassium status of clay soils used in rainfed cropping

Mike Bell, Qld Dept of Primary Industries

Responses of cereal yield to potassium fertiliser placement

Eddy Pol, CSBP

Potassium fertiliser - a maize seed's perspective

Chris Dowling, Nutrient Management Systems

Root proliferation in concentrated potassium soil patches

Jason Perna, University of Queensland

Potassium in Agricultural Systems Model - a DSS with a management context

Craig Scanlan, University of Western Australia

Open forum discussion






Action Stations

a. Hands-on computer models and DSS - Overseer, KASM and Grass Tetany DSS

b. Brighton beach historical walk

c. Team building dance class!




Session 3: Soil Analysis

Potassium dynamics in vertosol soils and it's impact on cotton and maize nutrition

Balwant Singh, University of Sydney
Usefulness of soil potassium tests for calculating potassium budgets

Phil Moody, Qld Dept Natural Resources and Mines

Recent advancements in soil test methodology for determining reserve-K in New Zealand soils

Peter Carey, Land Research Services Ltd, NZ

Diagnosis and correction of potassium deficiency in Pinus and Eucalyptus plantations in Tasmania

Philip Smethurst, Ensis Ltd

Open forum discussion



In-field experiences




Future priorities, resources and collaboration







Workshop dinner

Dinner Presentation

A farmer's perspective - the Nuffield scholarship international crop nutrition study tour and sourcing crop nutrition information in Australia

Brent Alexander, Lockhart farmer